IRMLER RACING – classic and modern racing rims – manufacture of racing parts – construction, restoration and use of classic competition touring cars

Since 2009, we have been constructing and realising small customised productions of true-to-original racing rims in our precision mechanics company for testing technology and precision engineering founded by Steffan Irmler in 1995. We offer custom-made three-piece and magnesium forged wheels for classic touring cars of the 80s and 90s from our own production. Our target groups are cars of the former Group 2, Group A, FIA Class 2 and Super Touring cars.

In addition to our own IRMLER racing rims in the historical design of the 80s, we manufacture one-piece forged wheels for Super Touring cars from the early 90s. We manufacture according to sketch, technical drawing, data model or sample. Of course, we also produce and reproduce racing accessories as well as engine parts – even those that are no longer available. Our modern production allows us to offer high-quality mechanical products.

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Racing Team IRMLER

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of motorsport, especially with OPEL, we are an experienced racing partner. Besides using and restoring racing cars, we also reproduce individual parts or build an entire vehicle for you.

Thanks to modern CAD technology, we can reproduce engine parts and accessories that are no longer available with reverse engineering. Please contact us if you would like to hire a classic competition touring car. We also procure classic touring cars.

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