Racing rims accessories and motorsport parts

We also offer accessories and replacement parts that match our rims. If you would like to buy individual rim stars and build or amend your own racing wheel, make sure to always use our tested original parts! Especially our screws are specially made products with appropriate surface coatings and strength quality. We are happy to cater to your individual wishes! We look forward to hearing from you.

Article no.Designation
53629 Metal valve, 39 MS, wrench size 11 mm, length 39 mm, hole D8.3
53630 Metal valve, 25 MS, wrench size 11 mm, length 25 mm, hole D8.3
50172 Metal valve, 42 MS, wrench size 11 mm, length 42 mm, hole D11.3
50574 Special flat-head screw, M6x30, internal torx, strength 10.9 zinc
flake coating
49117 Special flat-head screw, M6x35, internal torx, strength 12.9 zinc
flake coating
49120 Special flat-head screw, M6x40, internal torx, strength 10.9 zinc
51584 Washer, 6x15, galvanised (thick finish)
50171 Locknut M6
49476 Sealant cartridge, 310 ml
53632 13″ BBS seal ring, 16 holes, complete
53633 13″ BBS seal ring, rubber ring only
53635 15″ BBS seal ring, 20 holes
53634 15″ BBS seal ring, rubber ring only
53636 16″/17″ BBS seal ring, 20 holes, complete
53637 16″/17″ BBS seal ring, rubber ring only
Prices are available on request!