Documents such as catalogs, data sheets with technical specifications, racing posters, etc. can be found in our download centre. Our documents are saved as PDF files. When clicking on the download link, the documents will be opened. They can then be saved under “File > Save as” and, for example, be printed out. If you do not have a programme for viewing PDF files, you can, for example, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Transmission of rim dimensions

You want to transmit the dimensions for your desired rim? Fill out our technical specifications data sheets and send it to us, for example, by mail or fax. Please contact us if you need help filling out the data sheet! You will find the data sheets here:

Transmission of the dimensions of racing rims (raw mass/dimension)

Transmission of the dimensions of racing rims (internal dimensions and braking system)

Master test protocol racing rims

Technical data sheets

Here you will find a compilation of our technical data sheets, which we have made available to you for download in PDF format. If you have any questions about the data sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical data sheet Irmler Rollerbodies – System Swindon Opel C20XE

Technical reports

Below you will find technical reports about our products.

Technical report on the wheel strength of the special wheels type IRM-GTR11 of wheel size 8½Jx17H2

Technical report on the wheel strength of the special wheels type IRM-GTR11 of wheel size 10½Jx17H2

Would you like to learn more about us?

You cannot get enough of our products and would like to learn more about IRMLER GmbH? In addition to racing rims and motorsport accessories, we offer products and services from the fields of CNC technology, test plug construction, manufacturing of test adapters for in-circuit and function tests, special machine construction and manufacturing of handling tools. Further information can be found here: View IRMLER GmbH corporate brochure

Download posters for free

Here, we offer free posters for downloading and printing for all motorsport fans!
Download Motorsport Poster 1
Download Motorsport Poster 2
Download Motorsport Poster 3 (Dunlop Saloon Cup 2019)
Download Motorsport Poster 4
Download Motorsport Poster 5 (Opel)
Autograph card Irmler Racing Motorsport
Autograph card Steffan Irmler and John Cleland

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