Circumferential bending test for testing racing rims after design and dynamic calculation using software

The bending rotation test is used to verify the data determined in the calculation software during the design and development of racing rims. The software calculation takes place in our house using the “Wheelstrength” software.

This software was developed by the Fraunhofer LBF Institute and is known for a very accurate and precise calculation of rims and rotationally symmetrical components.

In addition to general data such as tire sizes, air pressure and other data, the material strength also plays a very important role. SN curves and other key figures are included in the calculations.

In the end, the data obtained from the calculations are consolidated in the design. Wheels are then manufactured.

Test on the flexural testing machine

In order to compare this theoretical data, new wheels or random samples are then tested on our flexural testing machine for analysis. Load cycles of up to 2 million cycles are simulated. In the test, forces of up to 20Kn can act on a wheel. Here, wheel loads are used as the basis for the test.

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