Hub Stands and Aligment System “Setting One” – toe and camber measurement/racing wheel setup for alignment at the racetrack in the workshop

We have developed and designed the “Setting One / Easy Setup” toe and camber measurement system. Provisionally designed by Stefan Kissling, IRMLER GmbH optimised the system and got it to work for the old, classic touring cars.

In motorsport, the driving time is influenced in part by the talent of the driver, but also by perfect technology. The toe and camber values must be measured precisely as part of the setup adjustments. With our system, the axles can be aligned on site: this allows you to respond to finer points such as changes in weather, the driving style of the race driver or the racetrack asphalt.

Race car setup / axle alignment made easy

Setting One / Easy Setup by IRMLER Racing

The sturdy, CNC-produced measurement system measures the toe and camber settings of all classic touring cars, current GT vehicles and current TCR vehicles quickly and precisely without affecting the rim and wheel geometry, no matter where you are.

In this way, axle alignment, chassis adjustments and the necessary camber and toe adjustment is made entirely possible in your own workshop, at the racetrack or during the training break.

This makes your racing setup quick, easy and flexible.

Easy-Setup: racing alignment regardless of your location

Hub Stands and Aligment System "Setting One / Easy Setup"

  • Vehicle height measurement possible
  • System made from high-strength aviation grade aluminium and anodised, can bear loads of up to 3,500 kg
  • Digital protractor, simply applied to the right area via magnet, calibration ruler can read camber values in inches and mm to allow you to align the camber of the front axle and the rear axle
  • Hub wells for numerous vehicle types possible with bolts or centre lock adapter
  • A team logo can be laser etched into the hub stand
  • Also suitable for extremely low super touring cars
  • Made entirely in-house by IRMLER Racing
  • Sturdy flight case with partitions and a foam lining for safe transport, even overseas

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Products “Settion One”

Setting One System

Article no.Description
60109Setting One full version:

- Complete toe/camber measurement system incl. protractor
- Wheel load scale attachment (without scale)
- Flight case
- Height measurement beam
- In desired colour with team logo
60115Setting One basic device:

- Complete toe/camber measurement system incl. protractor
- Flight case
59496Wheel hub centre lock adapter ZV M60 Opel STW
59423Wheel hub standard adapter
60114Electronic protractor
59725Chalk line tool
59421Flight case with foam
59853Wheel load scale support plate
60190Height measurement beam with spirit level
Height gauge (vehicle height)
60192Custom colour anodised with team logo laser etched (hub stand / tables)

We can produce other wheel hub adapters individually!


Digital protractor

Article no.Description
60114Electronic protractor
Power SupplyRechargeable Li-Polymer battery 3.7V (5V 500 mA charger included)
DisplayMono colour with backlight
Measurement2 axes x/y +-40° or 1 axis angle measurement (360°)
+/- 0.1°, resolution 0.02°
MountMagnet V profile, 5-sided

Prices available on request!