13″ IRMLER racing rims

Our range of products includes 13″ racing rims that are also perfect for numerous smaller modern classic vehicles such as Audi 50, VW Polo 1, NSU Prinz and Renault R5. You will receive a precise product individually adapted to your wishes that will bring joy to demanding sport drivers for a long time. Below, you will find a detailed description of our IRMLER racing rims: Rim star, rim well, outer rim, inner rim. Please contact us if you are interested in another solution!

Here is an overview of the different variants that we offer for our IRMLER rim stars: IRMLER Racing rim stars an a glance

You can find an overview of all IRMLER racing rims in 13 inches in our catalogue:

IRMLER Racing rims 13 inch VW Polo

VW Polo with IRMLER 13″ racing rims (photo: TommyZett)

Alloy wheels 16 inch

Our racing rims are of high quality and individually manufactured.