Opel Kadett GSi 16V DTM Group A: Technical highlights + specifications

Opel Kadett GSi 16V DTM Group A: Technical highlights

Opel Kadett GSi 16V DTM Gruppe A Heinz Friedrich Peil Wunstorf 1988

Special permit: Since Opel does not bring the Kadett GSi 16V onto the market until the summer of 1988 and the DTM begins in Zolder / Belgium on April 3, 1988, a political move is necessary. In the interests of brand diversity, the compact car from Rüsselsheim was granted a special permit. When the market launch went according to plan, a second Opel Kadett GSi 16V DTM was added on the occasion of the Alpine trophy at the Salzburgring on the last weekend in August 1988, driven by the Austrian rally driver Josef “Sepp” Haider. In qualifying, the newcomer left his established brand colleague Heinz-Friedrich “Bimbo” Peil behind by two tenths of a second. Haider also took part in the second Opel at the season finale on October 15, 1988 at the Hockenheimring. When he left 18 competitors behind in qualifying on the high-speed track, the Alpine country had a surprise – the overture to a three-car race in the DTM in 1989. Adam Opel AG’s advertising slogan at the time was aptly: “Hardly on the road, already up the  slope. ”

Engine: In contrast to Group A, the design of the intake tract is optional in the DTM 1988. As a result, the Oberhausen-based Opel tuner Helmut Kissling replaced the Motronic M 2.5 of the production model with a racing injection system with four individual throttle valves. The series cylinder head cast by Cosworth in England on behalf of Opel, with its four-valve technology, was again extensively modified and the actual goal of achieving 100 hp more than the 150 hp series model was clearly missed with 267 hp. The disadvantage of the successful performance cure: At this point in time, almost 270 hp is too much of a good thing for a front-wheel drive model. Kissling driver Heinz-Friedrich “Bimbo” Peil has to hope for rain and medium-fast corners. At the Norisring on June 26th, 1988, he got away with both, rides happily in midfield – and retires prematurely.

Brakes: An AP brake system with balance beam adjustment of the braking force and internally ventilated discs at the front and rear is installed.

Wheel suspensions: The chassis is fitted with gas pressure shock absorbers with height-adjustable spring plates. The series coil springs are exchanged for those with a spring rate of 180 kilograms per centimeter (series: around 50 kilograms per centimeter) on the driven front axle and 140 kilograms on the rear axle.

Tires: Tires in the format 235 / 590-16 are mounted on eight-inch-wide light-alloy rims – for comparison: the standard Kadett GSi 16V manages with 185/65 VR14 on 5.5-inch wide rims.

Power transmission: A straight-toothed five-speed manual transmission transmits the maximum 267 hp of the four-cylinder four-valve engine to the front wheels; in a later stage of development, six forward gears are also available in order to be able to use the drive power even better in closer increments.

Roll cage: Winfried Matter reinforces the bodyshell at certain points, welds in additional sheet metal – and finally also the safety cage made of tubular steel.

Opel Kadett GSi 16V DTM Gruppe A: Technical specifications


  • front across; Inline four-cylinder; four valves per cylinder
  • Displacement: 1,998 cc
  • W x H: 86.0 x 86.0
  • Compression: 11.0: 1
  • Power: 267 hp
  • at: 8,200 / min
  • Mixture preparation: Bosch Motronic

DIMENSIONS: 3,998 / 1,663 / 1,351 mm

WHEELBASE: 2,520 mm

TANK CAPACITY: 100 liters

FRONT WHEEL SUSPENSIONS: Single-joint strut axle with steel struts and spring plates for height adjustment; Central locking or LK 4/100; adjustable stabilizer

REAR SUSPENSIONS: twist beam axle with spherical plain bearings or independent suspension (Pilbeam); Springs and shock absorbers separated; Wheel attachment with central lock or LK 4/100; adjustable stabilizer


  • (front) 4-piston light alloy fixed callipers; internally ventilated discs; 28 mm thick; 250 mm diameter
  • (rear) 2-piston light alloy fixed calipers; internally ventilated discs; 20 mm thick; 250mm diameter; 2 master brake cylinders with adjustable brake force distribution while driving

STEERING: power steering

WHEEL SIZE: 8.5J x 17




PERFORMANCE: 0 to 100 in approx. 6.1 seconds.

VMAX KM / H: approx. 275 km / h

PRICE (DM): approx. 150,000 D-Marks

DTM statistics 1988: # 39, Heinz-Friedrich Peil (Oberhausen), 8 points (points are awarded up to 18th place, a total of 50 drivers are scored)

DTM placements in 1988:

Hockenheim, April 24, 1988, 2nd run: 20th place

Nürburgring, May 1st, 1988, 2nd run: 29th place

Brno, May 22, 1988, 2nd run: 20th place

Norisring, June 26, 1988, 2nd run: 26th place

Wunstorf, July 17th, 1988, 1st run: 16th place (3 championship points)

Wunstorf, July 17th, 1988, 2nd run: 14th place (5 championship points)

Salzburgring, August 27, 1988, qualifying: 27th place (1: 37.68 min.) – Reference: Josef “Sepp” Haider, Opel Kadett GSi 16V: 26th place (1: 37.41 min.)


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