NEW: One-piece magnesium racing rims for DTM / ITC and Group A classics

Of 6.1 kilograms: Irmler Racing offers one-piece magnesium racing wheels for DTM / ITC and Group A classics

Racing Rims Magnesium by Irmler Racing

Magnesium-Wheels by Irmler Racing

At first glance, the new racing wheels from Irmler is a contribution to the maintenance of the technically complex touring cars of class 1. But beyond that, the exceptionally lightweight one-piece from 6.1 kilograms can also be an innovation driver for mobility concepts of the future – regardless whatever it will look like. In addition to reducing the rotating mass, this could also mean limiting the rolling resistance and thus the tire width. At the time of the DTM and the ITC, the inner widths of the rims leveled off between 8.25J and a maximum of 9J. In keeping with this tradition, the new magnesium rim made from Drebber is also dimensioned with a diameter of 18 inches – initially so that the valuable classic racing touring cars can continue to be operated as safely and appropriately.

The racing driver, tuner and designer Steffan Irmler offers his one-piece magnesium racing wheels for class 1 touring cars in four different designs – from the cross-spoke to the almost closed version. This category was valid from 1993 to 1996, including when Mercedes-Benz, Opel and Alfa Romeo fought a material battle. In the course of this, for example, the AMG-Mercedes-Benz C-Classes introduced in 1994 were on the road with differently shaped wheel stars. Be it the urge for constant further development or a certain demarcation between the individual teams – collectors and racers alike are looking for a solution today if they really want to guarantee the authenticity of their high-quality vehicles 100 percent.

Racing Wheels Magnesium Irmler Racing

So it came about that Irmler took on differently executed rim designs for the six-cylinder racing cars from Affalterbach in Swabia – a complex process, as Steffan Irmler describes: “In the first step, we professionally scanned an original wheel from the Class 1 era. But that’s not all. The data material must be reworked precisely in order to generate absolutely precise values ​​for the later process section of the strength analysis and CNC-based machining. It’s all too easy to underestimate the design effort.” Milling then takes place from a previously forged magnesium block, the production of which requires just as much expertise. “Mechanical, precise milling takes three to four hours,” explains Steffan Irmler. There is a large volume of chips that have to be returned to the manufacturer for fire protection reasons – all in all, this cannot be compared with processes such as aluminum chill casting. The effort required not only results in a cheaper, specific weight, but also a certain price difference. ”

Magnesium Rims 18 Inch

1,450 EUR net per piece are set for the high-tech product made in Drebber – incidentally, not only in connections for the C-Class from AMG-Mercedes-Benz, but also for the other makes of the DTM / ITC Class 1. Steffan Irmler explains: “We are currently offering our new magnesium racing bike in 9.0J x 18 inch. In the future, we will also produce a few other sizes with the same product properties. “With a wheel weight of 6.1 kilograms, the innovation from the center of Lower Saxony not only offers a wide range of application options in historic touring car racing. The future of mobility could also be from an extremely lightweight, From reverse engineering in historical motorsport to innovation driver for the locomotion of tomorrow – an exciting perspective for the latest racing wheel from Irmler.

All models, possible variations and further information can be found here:

Magnesium-Wheels 18 Inch

Vintage-Magnesium-Wheels by Irmler Racing

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