NEW: Irmler Rollerbodies System Swindon Opel C20XE

NEW: Irmler Rollerbodies – Roller Barrel System Swindon for OPEL and Vauxhall C20XE cylinder heads

Technische Zeichnung Rollerbodies von Irmler Racing

We have a new addition to our product range: We offer rollerbodies/rollerbarrels based on the Swindon principle. The rotary valves are suitable for the classic OPEL or Vauxhall C20XE cylinder heads. We have taken over, refined and optimized the basic construction or the system from Swindon (1990s).

Rollerbodies/Rollerbarrel for OPEL and Vauxhall C20XE cylinder heads

Initially, rollerbodies are available for direct mounting on the cylinder head. The roller bodies are suitable for the standard version and the rotated version with a large channel extension. As a special production, we always manufacture the trumpets according to customer requirements in terms of type and design.

Advantages of the rollerbodies

  • no stall
  • compact design
  • high-precision manufacturing
  • both sides of the flow channel are sealed with O-rings
  • also suitable for charged engines
  • significantly better controllability of the performance
  • no trailing edge him upper speed range

Here you will find our data sheet for the rollerbodies:

Data sheet rollerbodies

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Einlasswalzensteuerung System Swindon Opel C20XE

Rollerbarrel / Roller Barrel von Irmler Racing

Rollerbarrel für OPEL- bzw. Vauxhall-C20XE-Zylinderköpfe

Drehschieber für Rollerbarrel für Vauxhall- bzw. Opel-C20XE-Zylinderköpfe

Walzenschieber System Swindon für Opel-C20XE-Zylinderköpfe

Irmler Racing Rollerbody / System Swindon für OPEL- bzw. Vauxhall-C20XE-Zylinderköpfe