Irmler racing wheel made of aluminum in Porsche dimensions

Top-class, highly precise, highly professional: the Irmler racing wheel made of aluminum – now also available in classic Porsche dimensions

For some years now, Steffan Irmler has been manufacturing the Irmler racing wheel for classic Porsche connections in his precision company in Drebber / Lower Saxony. In the past, for example, a 944 turbo and a 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 started in the Youngtimer Trophy with the custom-made three-parts from the surrounding area the former racing city of Diepholz. The bespoke suit for Porsche enthusiasts is now also available with TÜV approval, for example on the popular G-model from the 1970s and 1980s. The spectrum ranges from the special wheel in original sizes for the existing standard tires in the Porsche bolt pattern 5/130 to the targeted application for motorsport.

The new, three-part Irmler Racing wheel for the Porsche 911 with blower air cooling fits like a bespoke suit. It is measured, manufactured and assembled by a skilled hand. The stars made of precisely cast aluminum and further processed using modern CNC technology quote a historical model from the 1970s and 1980s.

With their distinctive fan blades, they support the important cooling air circulation on the brakes. The custom-made inner and outer bowls are supplied by motorsport experts. Depending on the application and area of ​​application, the track width and the offset depth can be adapted to individual requirements without interfering with the body structure.

In both the 15- and 16-inch variants, the requirement was that the Irmler Racing wheel should be able to be installed as far as possible without flanging the inner fender edges. “We know that fans of air-cooled Porsche 911s who are interested in sports also pay attention to originality and thus to value preservation. For this reason, we have oriented ourselves to the conditions in the series and only changed nuances – at least to this day.”

For the traditional Porsche bolt circle 5/130 strength assessments are currently being prepared for operation on the road. The available sizes: 6J x 15 with 205/55 VR 15 on the front axle and 7J x 15 with 225/50 VR 15 at the rear and 7J x 16 at the front with 205/55 VR 16 and 8J x 16 with 225/50 VR 16 on the Rear axle.

In addition, if necessary, 8J x 17 front and 9J x 17 can be broken down while maintaining the Irmler aluminum rim stars in order to get an even flatter tire. Since it rolls less – and dampens – compared to the 15-inch version, for example, the steering precision improves in addition to the exterior.

“And, of course, the specific weight,” emphasizes Steffan Irmler. “We produce a ready-to-assemble wheel for the classic Porsche 911 under ten kilograms each. Four to six weeks delivery time should always be taken into account,” reports the owner of the precision company. “We also implement special requests, and we also offer reverse engineering on all bike-carrying parts.”

Conclusion: a constantly growing range for enthusiastic enthusiasts of the German sports car par excellence. The Porsche 911 targa, which was available for a first attempt at cultivation and the first exclusive pictures, is a “safety cabriolet” first approved in 1985 – which is currently enjoying particular attention due to the ongoing releases of Porsche AG. Interested customers receive the prices for the Irmler racing wheel on request.

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Responsible for the text and photography: Carsten Krome Netzwerkeins